Residential Complex, Bazovskaya Street


The Residential Complex Project on Bazovskaya Street with Terra Auri as a managing company, technical supervisor and general designer clearly demonstrates that the right approach to planning, design, budget management and project implementation allows for a qualitatively new residential environment without increasing the funding or construction timeline. The residential district designed in the territory of former industrial area is a first example of a European-quality architecture social project: the fronts of bearing-wall buildings look ultra-modern and change the usual image of gloomy houses. Designs of school and kindergarten encompass the innovation technologies to significantly increase their energy-efficiency.

The municipal housing project on Bazovskaya Street implements for the first time the concept of balanced infrastructure under integrated development. The project designed for the residential complex on Bazovskaya Street includes landscape and shade gardening in the territory of 9ha using modern wear-resistant materials as well as arrangement of the promenade area comparable to a medium-size square. Within this project the architects managed to minimize the area of car traffic and pedestrian movement, create a comfortable, beautiful and secure space for life and recreation and break the stereotypes such as plain uninviting courts constrained by multi-storey towers of buildings.

Технико-экономические показатели:
Площадь участка 9,2 га
Общая площадь 243 000 кв.м